O2matic Fast weaning from oxygen supply

O2matic automatically titrates oxygen to the lowest level which keeps oxygen saturation in the desired interval, thereby weaning patients as fast as possible from oxygen supplementation. With fast weaning from oxygen supplementation, patients can be discharged early.

Result of the study

The results of the study show the comparison between manual and O2matic oxygen dosage based on targeted SpO2. There is a major improvement from manually treatment to O2matic Pro. An improvement from 47% to 85% within target of saturation.

In december 2018 the clinical results with O2matic Pro was published on PubMed.Gov.

Watch a short movie with the results below.

Blood oxygen saturation SpO2 Manual O2matic
In target 47% 85%
Bigger than target 10% 5%
Lower than 85% 18% 1%
Below target, bigger than 85% 25% 9%
(% of the measured time)

Crossover trials

In the O2matic trial we included 20 patient admited with COPD to crossover trial with 4 hours of automated control with O2matic and 4 hours of  manual control where the nurses control the oxygen delivery.


Hospitaler i mere end 10 europæiske lande bruger allerede O2matic


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