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O2matic PRO 100

Monitors and adjusts oxygen based on the patient’s condition 

PRO 100 is an oxygen robot that optimizes oxygen treatment by regulating the oxygen supply based on a continuous measurement of the blood oxygen content. PRO 100 performs individually tailored monitoring and regulation of oxygen dosage using an advanced algorithm and input from a pulse oximeter.

A giant leap for oxygen treatment

A sensor (pulse oximeter) measures the patient’s blood oxygen level, and PRO 100’s advanced software automatically adjust the dose of oxygen accordingly. At the same time, the PRO 100 monitors the patient’s well-being and gives a signal if their condition requires attention.

Advantages of automatic oxygen treatment

  • Reduces risk of hypoxia.
  • Automatically adjusted oxygen flow that keeps SpO2 within the desired range.
  • Automatically titrates oxygen.
  • Close and continuous monitoring of oxygen treatment.
  • Alarm function that notifies of changes in the patient’s condition.
  • Meets Danish and international guidelines for oxygen therapy.
CE marked
O2matic PRO 100 is an IIB-classed medical device and is CE marked by TÜV SÜD.

O2matic ApS is ISO13485 certified.

Clinical studies

In December 2018, the results of the safety study with PRO 100 were published on PubMed.Gov. The trial included 20 patients admitted with COPD in a crossover trial where the patients were first treated for 4 hours with automatic oxygen titration with PRO 100 followed by 4 hours with manual oxygen titration by the nursing staff. The results of the study show the difference between manually titrated oxygen by nursing staff and automatic oxygen titration with PRO 100. By manual titration, patients achieved the desired oxygen saturation 47% of the time with 85% of the time using automatic oxygen titration. This is a major improvement from manual treatment to treatment with PRO 100.

In October 2020, another clinical study with PRO 100 was published. This study based on COVID-19 patients was published on European Clinical Respiratory Journal in October 2020 and confirm that automatic oxygen therapy can keep the SpO2 at the right level +/-2% in over 94% of the time.


You can hear more about the study in our video at the top of the page. 

Blood oxygen saturation SpO2 Manual O2matic
In target 47% 85%
Bigger than target 10% 5%
Lower than 85% 18% 1%
Below target, bigger than 85% 25% 9%
(% of the measured time)



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