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Soon, it will be possible for some lung patients to get automatic oxygen dosing at home using a robot that can constantly adjust the oxygen. The hope is fewer admissions and safer patients. At the same time, O2matic gives feeling of safeness for both the doctor and the patient. When the patients calls the doctor and complains about breathlessness, the doctor can assess if there is a need for hospitalisation. If the oxygenrobot shows stable numbers, the doctor can guide the patient in the comfort of their own...

Oxygen robot from Danish company helps corona patients and healthcare staff

Danish company, O2matic, has together with Hvidovre Hospital developed an oxygen robot that can improve the oxygen supply to corona patients. Simultaneously it reduces the contamination risk for healthcare staff. The robot is already being used at Hvidovre Hospital. Many of the patients currently submitted to hospital with corona virus, suffer from serious respiratory infections that can lead to breathing problems and require oxygen treatment. The Danish company, O2matic from Herlev has in collaboration with...

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