Walking study with O2matic released

A recent study has shown that patients with COPD who is prescriped oxygen for home use, is getting too little oxygen when moving around. When doing the dishes, making the bed or having a shower, study shows that patients treated with oxygen, is getting too little oxygen. The problem stems from how doctors prescripe oxygen today. Instead of giving oxygen depending on the patients SpO2, the patient is prescriped a fixed flow. O2matic has been included in a promising study, where the effect of automatic oxygen...

O2matic is a finalist in EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that O2matic is a finalist in EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2921 Denmark! Amongst an excellent line-up of impressive startups, O2matic is honored to have been selected as 1 of 3 regional finalists. We have a strong ambition for bringing oxygen therapy into the digital age, and it brings us great pride to have our hard work recognized. Thank you to all our amazing supporters – including Innovation Fund Denmark, Lungeforeningen, Region Sjælland, Region Hovedstaden, The Trade...

Our second webinar is now live on Youtube

We are proud to announce that our second webinar is now live on Youtube. This webinar is covering the exciting topic of Pulse Oximetry. On the 7th of October 2021 we were hosting a webinar on pulse oximetry. During the webinar we had the pleasure of having Ph.D physiology & Chronic Business Group Director at Nonin, Walter Holbein and RN & MSc in Health Science, Anna Boss Søvang presenting as well. This webinar focused on the technology behind pulse oximetry measurements, accuracy, and biases – and why...

Our first webinar on Automatic Oxygen Titration is now live on Youtube

We are proud to announce that our webinar about Automatic Oxygen Titration is now live on Youtube. Our first of three webinars in our new webinar series. Our Global Product Manager, Anja Rode, is joined by our three guests, namely Chief Physician Jan Dalberg, Ph.d-fellow Charlotte Sandau Bech and MD. Antonio Corrado. Learn more about the experiences from both healthcare professionals and patients using O2matic, the impact of COVID-19 and the importance of automated oxygen titration...

Automatic oxygen treatment at home

Vulnerable patient groups now have the opportunity to receive automatic oxygen treatment at home, from a new system developed by Danish entrepreneurs. The solution will make a big difference for patient groups that are particularly sensitive to Covid-19 while easing the pressure on the busy pulmonary medicine departments. The intention is to use the covid–experiences from the hospitals to treat post covid patients in their own home. Today, more than 8,000 citizens in Denmark receive oxygen therapy in their own...

O2matic Connectivity

Soon, it will be possible for some lung patients to get automatic oxygen dosing at home using a robot that can constantly adjust the oxygen. The hope is fewer admissions and safer patients. At the same time, O2matic gives feeling of safeness for both the doctor and the patient. When the patients calls the doctor and complains about breathlessness, the doctor can assess if there is a need for hospitalisation. If the oxygenrobot shows stable numbers, the doctor can guide the patient in the comfort of their own...

Oxygen robot from Danish company helps corona patients and healthcare staff

Danish company, O2matic, has together with Hvidovre Hospital developed an oxygen robot that can improve the oxygen supply to corona patients. Simultaneously it reduces the contamination risk for healthcare staff. The robot is already being used at Hvidovre Hospital. Many of the patients currently submitted to hospital with corona virus, suffer from serious respiratory infections that can lead to breathing problems and require oxygen treatment. The Danish company, O2matic from Herlev has in collaboration with...

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