Press release: New study demonstrates improvement in oxygen level for COVID-19 patients treated by O2matic

1,000 hours of data from treating COVID-19 patients with O2matic has been analysed and demonstrates that automatic oxygen therapy can stabilize COVID-19 patients very quickly.

COVID19 patients often suffer from serious respiratory infections that can lead to breathing difficulties and require oxygen treatment. 

Hvidovre Hospital has analysed 1,000 hours of data from patients admitted with COVID-19 and hypoxemic respiratory failure who were treated by automatic oxygen titration with O2matic®. The results are now published in the European Clinical Respiratory Journal.

The study confirms once again that automatic oxygen titration can keep the oxygen saturation in the blood at the desired level in 83% of the time, which is on a par with the previous study based on COPD patients. Furthermore, the oxygen saturation was within target range +/- 2 percent in 94 % of the time. Manual oxygen control typically only achieve saturation within target in 50 % of the time.

The analysis shows also that COVID-19 patients need at least two significant adjustments of oxygen flow per hour in order to keep the saturation at the desired level. A COVID-19 department with 20 patients requires at least 960 visits per day to measure and adjust the oxygen flow manually and each time the medical staff must change personal protective equipment (PPE).

 The risk of severe desaturation (acute oxygen depletion) in patients, is reduced markedly when using the O2matic, as compared to conventional solutions. This corresponds with the research articles in the field. Additionally, the workload for the ward nurses, seems to be much reduced”, Says Jens-Ulrik Stæhr Jensen Research leading senior consultant at the Department of pulmonary medicine at Herlev-Gentofte Hospital.    

Another key finding was that 60% of the patients get stabilized and achieve the desired saturation level in less than one minute after beginning of automatic oxygen titration and after 6 hours the patients have the saturation within target range in more than 85% of the time.     

Automatic titration of oxygen for patients admitted with COVID-19 makes very good sense, as these patients are quite unstable regarding the need of oxygen supplementation, and furthermore, manual titration is difficult due to the isolation protocols. The study shows that O2matic is a safe and efficient solution to these problems” says Ejvind Frausing Hansen who is a senior consultant in Respiratory Medicine at Hvidovre Hospital and first author of the study. 

“We are proud to deliver a new technology that can help patients with respiratory infections and breathing problems such as COVID-19 and COPD and at the same time relieve the burden on health professionals, says Farzad Saber, Chief Business Development Officer at O2matic.    

The development of the oxygen robot and the COVID-19 study, which will benefit COVID-19 patients, is funded by multiple investors and funds, including the Innovation Fund Denmark investment. Earlier this year O2matic won the Innovation Fund Denmark’s main research prize in February 2020, The Grand Solutions Prize, at the annual prize ceremony. 

26th of October


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