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Oxygen robot from Danish company helps corona patients and healthcare staff 

Danish company, O2matic, has together with Hvidovre Hospital developed an oxygen robot that can improve the oxygen supply to corona patients. Simultaneously it reduces the contamination risk for healthcare staff. The robot is already being used at Hvidovre Hospital.

Many of the patients currently submitted to hospital with corona virus, suffer from serious respiratory infections that can lead to breathing problems and require oxygen treatment.

The Danish company, O2matic from Herlev has in collaboration with Hvidovre Hospital, developed an oxygen robot that can deliver the correct amount of oxygen to patients. In addition, the robot also increases the safety of the healthcare staff by limiting physical contact with corona patients.

“The corona pandemic has cast us into a unique situation which requires new solutions. The concept of the O2matic oxygen robot is such a solution. In my opinion this proves once again that our healthcare professionals are fantastic at solving even the most difficult situations when it comes to saving lives”, says Chairman of Capital Region of Denmark, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

40 robots ordered
Last weekend, the first corona patients were treated by O2matic’s oxygen robot with good results. Based on this, The Capital Region of Denmark has ordered 40 oxygen robots for use at hospitals in the region.

“It is hugely gratifying that our robot can make a difference for the people critically affected by the corona pandemic. Our oxygen robot ensures that patients receive the correct amount of oxygen. This will alleviate the pressure on healthcare staff in hospitals and reduce the need for frequent checkups and thereby also the risk of infection”, says Farzad Saber, CPO of O2matic.

The development of the oxygen robot, which will now benefit corona patients is funded by multiple investors and funds, including the Innovation Fund Denmark investment – and O2matic recently won the Innovation Fund Denmark’s main research prize, The Grand Solutions Prize, at the annual prize ceremony.

The correct amount of oxygen
The oxygen for the patients has so far been dosed manually by nurses up to 50 times per day, taking up much of the staff’s limited time and several new studies show that in approximately half of the cases, patients are not receiving the correct amount of oxygen.

To be exact the oxygen robot measures the oxygen level in the patient’s blood every second and accordingly adjusts the dose of oxygen up or down, if the oxygen level is too low or too high, thus ensuring that the patient receives the right amount of oxygen for more than 85% of the time.

Preparing for the next 500 oxygen robots
O2matic is already preparing production of the next 500 oxygen robots, which are all produced by the high-tech company, Alpha Electronics in Denmark.

Innovation Fund Denmark has invested DKK 7.3 mil. in the development of O2matic’s oxygen robot.

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Farzad Saber, CPO & Vice Chairman of the Board, fas@o2matic.comM. +45 2886 9200 
The Capital Region of Denmark, PR +45 70 20 95 88 


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