Webinar on Rehabilitation is now online on Youtube

For those of you who where present at our webinar; Thank you for participating!

For the rest of you, we are sure that you are in for a treat.

Tessa Schneeberger and Linette Marie Kofod presented their incredible results in automatic oxygen titration during rehabilitation and activity. During the panel discussion they talked about how our oxygen robots could be a game changer in the treatment of pulmonary conditions.

We are very proud of the results showing a 98% increase in endurance when patients suffering from severe COPD was using O2matic.

The fact that the patient walking with a fixed flow of oxygen experiences a very low SpO2 in 65% of the time. Our vision is to provide the best possible treatment to patients and bring oxygen therapy into the digital age. We hope to move the incredible results from the studies and clinical experiences by providing automatic oxygen titration at home with O2matic HOT.

Read the questions and answers here:

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