Patient Story: How a patient experiences automatic oxygen titration

“I would unequivocally recommend the O2matic for anyone with any breathing issues, of any kind”










An interview with Margit Irene Zume-Daugaard, 65, Denmark.

“When I started experiencing breathing difficulties out of nowhere, I thought it indicated that I was out of shape and needed to exercise more – I certainly didn’t think to alert my doctor.”

“But as my breathing quickly worsened, I started breaking out into cold sweats, and my lips turned blue. I made an emergency appointment with my physician, who admitted me into intensive care – where I slipped into a coma for three weeks.”

“It was terrifying for both me and my husband. I had never really experienced any health issues, and this seemed to come out of nowhere.

“While I was in my coma, they diagnosed me as having pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP), a rare but serious infection that causes inflammation and fluid build-up in the lungs. The doctors treated me with a variety of medicines and hooked me up to an old-fashioned oxygen flowmeter. Once I regained consciousness, I was almost paralysed. I couldn’t decipher what was real and what wasn’t. I couldn’t talk to my husband, who had been at my bedside throughout. I couldn’t even itch my nose. It was terribly frustrating, especially because we didn’t know when – or if – my condition would improve.”

“I was then moved to a specialised lung ward, where I became the first person in the hospital to use one of their new automated oxygen systems, called the O2matic [PRO 100]. This was instantly different from the manual flowmeter I had previously been on: it monitored and adjusted my oxygen levels automatically, without requiring intervention. This meant hospital staff no longer needed to come to my bedside several times a day to fuss around with my oxygen flowmeter.”


“Compared to manual oxygen titration, the O2matic helped me breathe more easily.

I had been having panic attacks when I felt I couldn’t breathe – but with the O2matic, the panic attacks completely disappeared. The quality of my breaths even felt better!“


“My condition has fortunately stabilised and I am able to live back at home again, with the support of a portable oxygen machine. However, I have just discovered that O2matic has now released a line of at-home machines and I will definitely be asking my doctor for automatic titration at home too.“

“From my own personal experience of using a manual oxygen machine and then an O2matic automated oxygen machine, I would unequivocally recommend the O2matic for anyone with any breathing issues, of any kind.”