New Years greetings from Okan Görgen, CEO at O2matic, 2021

As we approach the new year, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who helped O2matic on our mission to redefine oxygen therapy during 2021.

New guidelines for oxygen treatment of acute adult patients in Germany mentioned automatic oxygen titration which is the first step to change practice and bringing oxygen therapy into the digital age. Next step is to move automatic oxygen therapy out of the hospital and home to the patient. With our technology we can remotely not only monitor but also treat respiratory patients at home and reduce the need for a number of beds at respiratory and emergency departments and reduce the workload on the staff.

Chairman and CEO at Microsoft Satya Nadella ’s mentioned O2matic in their feature ‘2021: Your purpose in action’. Nadella said: “In a time of great constraints, people continue to use technology to help the world overcome. I am inspired by what you have done in 2021, and optimistic that you will continue to drive change in the chapter ahead”

I hope our contribution improves the quality of life for many respiratory patients and reduces the pressure on healthcare systems around the world.

– Okan Görgen, CEO at O2matic.