Microsoft Partner Award Nomination

Extremely proud to announce O2matic is nominated for Microsoft Partner Award 2022! 🎉

O2matic is nominated in the Digital Transformation category Engaging Customers & Citizens.
The oxygen treatment most patients are receiving right now is based on 100-year-old tech.

🩺 We have a strong ambition for bringing oxygen therapy into the digital age, and it brings us great pride to have our hard work recognized.
We are a part of the front line of the digital revolution in medical oxygen, making it safer for the patient and more cost-effective for the community.

👏Thank you to all our amazing supporters – including Microsoft, Innovation Fund DenmarkLungeforeningenRegion SjællandRegion HovedstadenThe Trade CouncilThe Confederation of Danish IndustryStrandmøllen A/SLinde and Mediq

Okan Görgen Farzad Saber